Opting for Economical Hair Transplant in Delhi

25 July, 2016 | Hair Transplant
Baldness is a common problem these days and it is no big secret that the victims are in constant search of solutions available in the market. While the temporary options of a wig or a cap can help, a permanent solution is always the better idea. Hair transplant now become the most viable answer to the problem of baldness, owning to its proven record and economic feasibility.

Selecting the type of transplant

While deciding on an agreeable hair transplant cost, the most important factor to consider is which of the two types of treatment is required. The principal difference between FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is that FUE method requires removal of follicular units one-by-one from scalp while FUT method requires removal of a single long strip from the scalp. People with larger areas of baldness should opt for FUT treatment while those with smaller areas of baldness should opt for FUE treatment.

Economical Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair transplant cost in Delhi of FUT method is usually lower varying from Rs 20/graft to Rs 40/graft, while the cost of FUE hair transplant can vary from Rs 35/graft to Rs 100/graft. The difference between the two is due to various advantages FUE holds over FUT, leaving no post-surgery scar and faster recovery.

MedLinks, one of the leading names in dermatology sector in the capital offers hair transplant sessions requiring less than 1500 grafts at the cost calculated on per graft basis. For larger Hair Transplant sessions, a lump sum price is quoted to make the surgery cost effective. The Hair Transplant cost is inclusive of OT fee, Hair Transplant Surgeon’s Fee, Medical Consumables and Patient Room Fee.

Selecting the Hair Transplant Clinic

Although economy is a considerable factor, deciding the best hair transplant in Delhi solely based on the cost is a mistake. Several factors contribute to the vast difference between costs of the same treatment, which include the surgeon’s experience, the team’s efficiency and the past results of the clinic. However, since the treatment involves surgery, it is advisable to lead the decision deliberating the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi rather than the fees charged.

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