How to Increase Hair Density?

27 November, 2023 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani

How to increase hair density is a common question among men and women looking to sport thicker hair. Noticing a few strands of hair every time you comb is not alarming. However, horror strikes when you observe bunches of tufts in the comb. Dermatologists believe that excessive and frequent hair fall can lower your overall hair density on the scalp. 

Hair is an integral part of our personality and influences our confidence. It explains why one should go to any extent to address the dreaded issue of hair fall. While there are no ways to change the texture of hair follicles, there are numerous ways to make hair appear thicker. You can dramatically increase hair density by reducing breakage and hair loss. 

It is crucial to commit to a healthy and balanced diet for increasing the density of hair strands in your scalp. Moreover, you should also follow the right hair care regimen to address thinning hair and bald spots. Timely consultation with a specialist is one of the best ways to increase your hair density. 

What is Hair Density?

Knowing about your hair density will help you determine the finest ways to style your hair. Hair density refers to the quantity of hair strands emerging from each square inch of your scalp. It is crucial to have a general idea about the density of your hair to use hair care products. 

Most hair care specialists opine that consistent hair fall is the root cause behind balding spots in men. Moreover, if you leave the condition untreated, it may affect the hair volume negatively. So, if you are noticing consistent hair loss, it is essential to stem the loss at the initial stage. Consulting with the best dermatologists is one of the most effective ways to sport dense hair. 

How Can You Measure the Density of Your Hair?

There is no need to use a microscope to measure your hair density. You can leverage simple tips and tricks to know about the approximate density of your hair. If you can see your scalp without moving the hair strands, your hair density is on the lower side. 

On the contrary, if your hair density is on the higher side, the scalp will be invisible. But note that these methods will provide you with an approximate idea of your hair density.

What are the Root Causes Behind Low Hair Density?

Some of the primary causes of low hair density are hormonal imbalances, genetics, unhealthy diet, eccentric lifestyle habits, stress, etc. You should consult with a professional dermatologist to understand the root causes of low hair density. 

Hair density plays a crucial role in deciding the health and quality of hair. Lack of nutrients and external factors can also be the main reasons behind low hair density. Dermatologists rely on hair density to predict your hair’s health. 

How to Increase Hair Density? 

You should follow a fixed set of strategies to increase hair density. The last thing you want to see are balding spots at a young age. Here are some effective strategies that can help you increase hair density. 

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Don’t Underestimate a Healthy Diet’s Role in Hair Growth 

One of the most effective ways to boost hair density is by opting for a healthy diet. It is essential to include proteins, carbs, healthy fats, vitamins, etc., to boost hair growth and density. A diet focused on increasing hair density comes in handy to counter hair loss. Moreover, human hair comprises keratin, which is a naturally-occurring protein. You can consume food items rich in protein to increase hair density. 

Consult an Expert 

A constant dip in hair density indicates that you have a serious problem. Besides considering a hair transplant in Delhi, you should consult an expert dermatologist. If natural remedies and a balanced diet are not yielding any positive results, you should visit a hair restoration clinic. The experienced dermatologists will offer an accurate diagnosis of the problem. 

Stress and depression can take a toll on your hair. Therefore, you should consult a certified dermatologist if you notice a severe hair fall. Usually, they will prescribe the best medicines and treatments to help you grow hair at a faster rate. But if your hair loss is irreversible, they will recommend a hair transplant surgery. 

Cysteine Treatment for Hair Density 

Cysteine is an amino acid present in protein-rich food items like meat, eggs, etc. Note that cysteine is the building block of keratin. It is an essential protein that stabilises your hair, nails, and skin. However, when you have a deficiency of this amino acid, it can lead to hair loss. 

So, if you are noticing persistent hair loss and a low density, choose Cysteine treatment for hair. Cysteine hair treatment can replenish the building blocks of keratin and help you grow dense hair.

Minoxidil Treatment for Thicker Hair 

Your dermatologist may opt for minoxidil treatment to regrow your hair. It has been a popular method for treating hair loss worldwide. Your dermatologist will apply a two to five percent solution to your scalp for effective results. 

So, these are some ways to increase hair density. If you are experiencing hair loss, consult with an experienced dermatologist today. 


Can Perfect-i Help with Hair Density?

The Perfect-i procedure is a proprietary hair transplant technique at MedLinks. It involves minimal graft death and offers faster results. You can sport a thick mane of hair after undergoing the Perfect-i hair transplant in Delhi. It also has the feather touch technique that reduces hair fall. 

How to Increase Hair Density Naturally?

There are numerous ways in which you can thicken your hair naturally. For instance, the application of castor oil has been shown to improve hair density in men and women. Moreover, green tea is also a proven home remedy to increase the density of hair strands in your scalp. 

How to Address Thinning Hair?

One of the best ways to address thinning hair is by consulting with a certified dermatologist. They will diagnose your condition and provide the best treatment that suits your condition. Usually, doctors prefer minoxidil treatment for minor hair loss.

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