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27 October, 2022 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

The Medlinks Hair Clinic is a well-established hair transplant clinic in India. We, the Medlinks, are acknowledged for the best treatment we provide, consistency in our work, and an aim of delivering better aesthetic and realistic outcomes. Medlinks is famous in India and has also made its leading identity on international platforms. We deliver nest treatment to our international patients who believe in our developed hair transplant procedures.

MedLinks is amid superiority in delivering world-class hair as well as skin treatments.

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The Medlinks is a division of the well-established and famous TrichoDerm Medical Group which is dissipated over an area of 15000 sq. feet. Medlinks is situated in the centre area of New Delhi in Safdarjung Enclave of South Delhi. We possess a refined Operating Room that comprises a modern hi-tech device containing the elements like cold LED lights, stereo-microscopes, an electrically adjustable operating table and high-resolution cameras.

MedLinks retains a dutiful establishment for the globally best Hair Transplants treatment in Delhi and a friendly rehab cabin for the patients and their families to feel relieved. We also comprise the MedSpa floor at our clinics, encompassing four treatment areas with sufficient space, a minor treatment room and outrageous waiting space.

1. Why Is MedLinks Best For Hair Transplant Clinic?

Our team is truly committed to hair transplant procedures. Doctors in our country are extremely experienced in delivering patients with good characteristics and treatments that will revamp their life in a better way. Moreover, Medlinks' ultra-modern clinic is suited with cutting-edge medical infrastructure and equipment that helps to provide outcomes that surpass the patient's expectations. Patients’ gratification is of absolute priority to us.

Medlinks provide one incredible hair transplant surgeon in India who will assess your case. The doctor will advise the adequate treatment choices after discussing several hair rehabilitation options with you during your ongoing meeting. As per the findings on your distinct situations and types of hair loss, for example, bald patches, subsiding hairline, or overall hair thinning.

We are focusing on enhancing our treatment benefits, and our hair transplant surgeon in India is well aware of the modern medical advances and in providing the most recent technique to our customers.


Dr Gaurang Krishna, MD

Dr Krishna is nationally renowned for his highly privileged degree as the best hair transplant surgeon who formulated a hair transplant procedure named PERFECT-i. He exercises surgical as well as aesthetic dermatology. He has rich mastery in treating various patients with different hair and skin problems. Dr Krishna has earned extensive practice in hair restoration treatment and procedures, dermatosurgery and cosmetic dermatology from Nationally and Internationally well-known Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons, his objective is to provide maximum customer satisfaction with minimal side effects and harm. Dr Krishna has been internationally educated in Hair Transplantation treatment and procedures and is a sought-after educator in Robotic and Perfect-i hair Transplants, which are developed by himself.

3. Award Winning Hair Tranpslant Surgeon Of Delhi

It is an absolute dignity and proud moment for the Medlinks as our doctors got honoured in the British parliament and awarded at the House of Commons for their incredible contribution in the medical field as the best dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons of Delhi.

4. Conclusion

The Hair transplant procedure in Delhi is a stable and authentic method for rebuilding thick, biological hair. Although the cost of the hair transplant procedure in India depends widely on varying aspects and differs between procedures, the cost is usually evaluated on a per-graft basis.

We, Medlinks, deliver a detailed treatment for your hair loss problem as it adjusts state-of-the-art technologies to deliver best-in-class facilities. Medlinks owns the most experienced and well-established surgeons for the procedures of hair transplants who provide the best treatment.

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