Hair Transplant After 6 Months: Photos, Results, Side Effects

26 October, 2023 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

Hair loss, also known as Alopecia, affects millions worldwide. It usually occurs due to several reasons, with genetic factors playing a major role. Hair transplant is the most effective way to stop the progression of hair loss and baldness. If you recently opted for a hair transplant surgery, it is common for you to wonder about a hair transplant after 6 months. 

After a hair transplant, you might be excited for the positive outcomes. The six-month mark after your hair transplant is a significant phase. It is the point where you may observe visible regrowth of the transplanted hair follicles. Hair growth after the surgery may be patchy and inconsistent. The newly transplanted hair won’t be growing in full density, but you will see some encouraging hair growth. 

The first six months are crucial after undergoing a hair transplant. During these months, you should learn how to manage your expectations. Following healthy habits and adhering to post-operative care will allow your newly transplanted hair to grow at a good rate. Here are the things to expect six months after a hair transplant surgery. 

Things to Know About Hair Transplants 

If you have male pattern baldness, it is important to undergo a hair transplant. Nowadays, the FUE and Perfect-i hair transplant procedures are painless and involve minimal downtime. The working mechanism of hair transplants remains the same. 

The surgeon extracts healthy hair follicles from the recipient area and transplants them onto the balding areas. Most hair transplant procedures are suitable for patients with androgenetic alopecia. After a hair transplant surgery, it is important to manage your expectations. It can take time for the results of a hair transplant to be seen. Staying in constant touch with your surgeon is pretty essential after the procedure. 

Six Months After Hair Transplant – Things to Expect

Six months after a hair transplant surgery is an important milestone. It is the exact phase where you can start noticing visible improvements and changes in hair. Here are the things to expect six months after a hair transplant surgery. 

The Initial Growth Phase of Transplanted Hair Follicles 

After six months of hair transplant, the transplanted follicles enter the anagen or growth phase. It is the stage when new hair follicles begin to sprout from the scalp. Patients should note that the growth of these hair follicles is still in the early stages. But, the visible changes in hair growth can be encouraging for a patient who has waited too long. 

The Hairline Looks Natural 

Baldness and hair loss can severely affect the appearance of your hairline. However, six months after the transplant, your hairline looks a lot more natural with the growth of hair follicles. The frontal hairline begins to take shape and contributes to a younger appearance. 

Good Hair Growth Rate 

More than 50% of the transplanted grafts will start growing after six months of the surgery. It will provide you with visibly thicker hair in the donor area. However, not all patients will experience rapid hair growth. If there are issues with your hair growth, don’t get disheartened. 

Communicate your concerns to the surgeon during a follow-up visit. The doctor will change medications and your post-operative routine to help your hair grow faster. 

Styling Options 

At the six-month mark, you will likely have access to numerous hair styling methods. But for the best results, you should refrain from using damaging styling methods. Consulting with your surgeon during this phase is the right way to take care of the newly transplanted hair follicles. 

The Growth of Denser Hair 

Six months following a hair transplant surgery, you will notice the growth of denser hair. This is treated as a sign of positive expectations in the coming months. The steady growth of the hair follicles typically undergoes a process called dormancy before growing. 

You shouldn’t worry much if your donor area lacks the growth of dense hair. Try consulting with your surgeon to get effective solutions to the problem.

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Side Effects of Hair Transplant After Six Months

Hair transplant methods like Perfect-i are usually safe. However, you should know about the possible side effects of hair transplant that may be prevalent after six months. 

Bruising and Swelling 

Patients not careful with post-operative care can experience swelling and bruising even after six months of the surgery. The swelling and bruising can occur in the donor and recipient areas. Note that these are temporary side effects that resolve within a few days. However, if the issue persists, you should consult with your doctor at the earliest.

Shock Hair Loss 

Some individuals may experience shock hair loss in the recipient and donor areas. It is a normal response to the trauma of the transplant. Shock hair loss is accompanied by hair regrowth after a few days. 

Visible Scars 

Hair transplant procedures like the FUT technique can leave a linear scar on your scalp. It can be typically concealed by longer hair. However, if you prefer keeping your hair short, it’s something you should always consider. 

Hair transplant after six months is an important stage and requires the patients to set realistic expectations. The best way to witness positive results is by taking the prescribed medicines from the first day of the surgery. Patients adhering to post-operative instructions and proper diet have been found to regrow transplanted hair consistently. 


How Effective is the Perfect-i Hair Transplant Method?

The Perfect-i hair transplant at MedLinks has an edge over other hair transplant procedures as it is less time-consuming. Moreover, the hair grafts have a higher chance of survival thanks to the superior storage conditions. 

Is it Necessary to Attend Follow-Up Visits at the Clinic?

After a hair transplant surgery, it is imperative to visit the clinic for follow-up. During these visits, your surgeon will offer certain suggestions that can boost hair growth. They can also change your post-operative routine based on the current condition. 

What Type of Food Items Can Help with Hair Growth Post Surgery?

The intake of certain types of food items can contribute to hair growth after a transplant. You can address your body’s nutritional deficiency post-surgery by consuming fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins.

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