Hair Transplant After 5 Months: Photos, Results, Side Effects

23 October, 2023 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

Hair transplants have become increasingly common in recent years as it is a permanent solution to baldness. If you have had a hair transplant, it is common to be curious about a hair transplant after 5 months. Hair transplant specialists and clinics are widely available and offer patients with deep insights into the procedure. 

Hair transplant procedures like boosted FUE and FUT offer a permanent solution to reverse hair loss. Surgeons typically suggest their patients to set their expectations right after a hair transplant. Whether you choose FUT or FUE, it can take some time to show the results. Following a hair transplant, you should be patient and be in constant touch with the surgeon. 

Your journey to regain dense hair is a time-consuming process. After five months, you will gradually notice significant changes in the appearance of your hair. It is also the ideal time to contact your surgeon and follow their aftercare instructions thoroughly. Here are the things to expect five months after a hair transplant. 

The Rate of Hair Growth After the Transplant

After five months of hair transplant, you typically notice 10 to 20% of hair growth. But this growth rate is not constant, it differs in individuals. Surgeons opine that there is no fixed hair growth rate for patients to refer to. 

The rate of hair growth after surgery also depends on how well you followed the doctor’s aftercare treatment. Following your surgeon’s advice will help you witness positive results after the hair transplant.

Things to Expect Five Months After a Hair Transplant

You will notice substantial progress in your hair restoration journey by the five-month mark. Listed are the things to expect during this time. 

Rapid Growth Rate 

Though the hair growth rate is inconsistent, you will surely notice that it’s rapid. As you enter the fifth month, you will observe a good number of strands coming out. Moreover, the hair strands will become denser based on the hair transplant procedure. 

In some patients, the hair growth rate can be 30% after five months. However, you shouldn’t be disheartened if your hair growth rate is not 30%. The most exciting change after five months is to see the emergence of new hair strands. The transplanted hair follicles enter a resting phase, which lasts for a few months. During the five-month mark, these follicles will start to grow as hair strands. 

The Hair Density in Your Scalp 

The density of your transplanted hair improves noticeably during this stage. The bald spots and the thinning areas, which were a concern, would get reduced by now. The growth of denser hair reduces your baldness, thereby improving your overall confidence. 

So, after five months, you will notice good hair density, which is a confidence booster. If you are experiencing any type of persistent discomfort during this phase, consult with your doctor. 

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Curly Hair Strands 

The hair strands will gradually grow five months after the hair transplant in delhi. Moreover, the first few strands will be curly. Refrain from straightening them with tools and cosmetic agents. These curly hair strands will return to their original state after a few months. 

Natural Hair Growth 

At the five-month mark, you will notice transplanted hair strands blending with existing hair. But this process takes time, and hence, it is crucial to be patient. You should not use hair styling products during this phase of hair growth. 

Effects of the Surgery 

Five months after the hair transplant, your scalp has healed completely. The side effects of the hair transplant are minimal after five months. Moreover, if you had opted for boosted FUE or the Perfect-i hair transplant, there are no adverse side effects. You are almost ready to resume your daily activities after the five-month mark. 

The Factors Affecting Hair Transplant After 5 Months

The results of a hair transplant after five months can be influenced by several factors. Listed are the critical factors that affect hair transplant success. 

The Quality of Donor Hair 

The quality and density of the donor hair follicles used during transplantation are essential. The donor area should be healthy and provide you with a sufficient number of hair grafts. Usually, a qualified and skilled surgeon will minutely analyse the donor hair follicles for your transplant to be successful. 

Hair Transplant Method 

The hair transplant method dramatically influences hair growth after five months. Hair transplant methods like FUE and Perfect-i are minimally invasive, which allows you to resume your daily activities instantly. On the contrary, FUT hair transplant involves linear scar at the recipient site, which takes time to heal. 

Post-Operative Care 

The way you adhere to the post-operative care instructions determines the transplant’s success after five months. Proper care of the transplanted area is imperative to witness proper hair growth. Gentle washing, avoiding trauma, and taking necessary medicines can result in swift recovery. 

The Skill and Experience of the Surgeon 

The expertise and skills of the surgeon are critical factors that should be considered before the hair transplant. A skilled surgeon can minimise the complications and help you achieve natural-looking results. Patients should carefully assess the surgeon’s experience before selecting them for a hair transplant. 

Hair transplant after 5 months is a critical phase, and patients should keep their expectations in check. It is the recovery phase, and patients must avoid taking too much stress. Regularly consulting with your doctor and visiting the clinic for follow-up visits are crucial to hair growth. 


What are the Top Reasons to Choose the Perfect-i Hair Transplant at MedLinks?

Perfect-i is the revolutionary hair transplant technique designed by MedLinks. One of the key reasons to opt for this hair transplant method is minimal graft death. Furthermore, the process now has downtime, which is ideal for modern-day patients. 

What Should You Know About the Hair Growth Rate?

The hair growth rate denotes the speed at which your newly implanted hair follicles grow. Five months after a hair transplant surgery, the hair growth will be around the 30% mark. 

Is it Ideal to Scratch the Scalp Five Months After Surgery?

Though your scalp will have healed by now, you shouldn’t scratch the donor area. You will end up damaging the transplanted hair follicles by scratching the area.

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