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25 August, 2020 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani

Does Hair Regrowth Treatment Work For Hair Loss And Is It Safe?

Hair loss and hair thinning normally occur in every gender. It might stem from stress or natural aging (i.e., after the age of 50). Hair Regrowth Treatment hair therapy is a non-surgical minimally invasive process for improving hair loss concerns. MedLinks Clinic can offer you the best Hair Regrowth Treatment for hair with high success rates in Delhi and Gurgaon in India. So check out below all that you need to know about this hair restoration therapy procedure.

What is Hair Regrowth Treatment?

Hair Regrowth Treatment for hair is employed in the treatment of joint injuries, arthritis-related pain, tendinitis, muscle injuries, and torn tendons. Their popularity is rising for cosmetic procedures as well. For instance, Hair Regrowth Treatment injection for hair loss is used by hair replacement specialists and dermatologists for treating androgenic alopecia (pattern baldness), a form of hair loss, that happens in men as well as women. Specific dermatologists employ Hair Regrowth Treatment in Delhi for your face as well. That is referred to as vampire facial.

When Hair Regrowth Treatment is used to treat your hair loss, it is known as Hair Regrowth Treatment for hair. 

Is it effective for hair loss?

According to some studies carried out to determine the effectiveness of Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair loss, the participants revealed around 30-40% hair regrowth as an outcome of the treatment. This is usually regarded as the success rate of Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair.

In 2019, a group of researchers performed organized research for analyzing Hair Regrowth Treatment as a treatment option for hair loss. The scrutiny finally emphasized on 11 research papers. There were around 262 patients of androgenic alopecia. As per the authors, most of the reports proved that Hair Regrowth Treatment injections improved hair loss and enhanced the density of hair growth and hair diameter. However, the therapy was claimed to be controversial. This is because the low quality and minor sample sizes of the study were regarded as the restricting factors of this analysis. 

Another organized review of 2019 carefully observed the outcomes of 19 studies which were based on the analysis of Hair Regrowth Treatment as a hair loss therapy. There were around 460 total candidates. As per the review of the authors, most of the results revealed that Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair led to hair regrowth in the candidates with alopecia areata and androgenic alopecia. 

Based on their reports, the authors of another review of clinical research acknowledged Hair Regrowth Treatment treatment as a promising solution to treat hair loss. But it was found that as various clinics and researchers employ varying preparations, session intervals, injection techniques and administration ways of Hair Regrowth Treatment, its impacts can differ. 

Therefore, the authors fail to deduce the extent of effectiveness of the Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair loss lacking a standardized protocol for the used injections at this stage. 

Although Hair Regrowth Treatment hair therapy may not be as fruitful a remedy for dealing with hair loss as hair transplantation, the Hair Regrowth Treatment technique is non-invasive. So it may appeal to them who are either can’t receive a hair transplant or do not want this invasive method. 

Hair Regrowth Treatment injections for hair loss might need multiple weeks to begin taking effect. For certain conditions, mainly those of the skin or the hair, the treatment might take up to 6 months for acquiring the full effects. For particular issues including hair loss, you might have to recur the treatment method for maintaining its results and be sure of its effectiveness. 

Process of Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair 

To know about Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair or PLAYT-let-rich plasma hair treatment, it is significant to know about plasma and PLAYT-lets. Plasma involves the liquid part of an individual’s blood which is mainly comprised of protein and water. It lets the passage of white blood cells, PLAYT-lets, and red blood cells through the bloodstream. PLAT-lets are a form of blood cells that aid in the clotting of blood. They also help in healing. 

Before receiving Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair, you have to take the following steps:

  • You may require to cease taking specific medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin which result in blood thinning.

  • You might also have to take a break from having specific supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids or even particular vitamins. The doctor will guide you regarding what you precisely must do to prepare for Hair Regrowth Treatment injections. 

  • Hair Regrowth Treatment hair treatment is not generally related to major side effects. But as it involves drawing your blood, it’s better to eat something before the procedure. This can help keep you from experiencing light-headedness when you get Hair Regrowth Treatment injections. 

  • Preceding treatment, you must also verify if your Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy is covered by your health insurance by going through your plan’s details. If your treatment is for cosmetic factors, it might not be possibly covered by your insurance. That is because, when multiple Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy sessions are required for optimum results, the overall treatment can cost more.  

For securing Hair Regrowth Treatment, the doctor will draw blood from a vein in your arm. Then he will keep the blood sample in a centrifuge. Next, the centrifuge begins to spin for parting the Hair Regrowth Treatment from the remains of your blood. Then he will extract the PLAYT-lets with a syringe. After that, he is expected to numb the site of your body (in the case of Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair, your hair follicles) under treatment. After you turn numb, the injections are used for introducing the plasma into the site of your body being treated. The whole process may require about 1 hour. However, you may need several therapy sessions.

Multiple proteins and growth factors that enhance tissue repair are present in Hair Regrowth Treatment. As some sorts of hair loss are targeted by damage to hair follicles, researchers essentially concluded that Hair Regrowth Treatment can help one’s hair to regrow by reversing the process which occurs in androgenic alopecia. 

Since that time, Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair has turned into a renowned technique to restore hair growth besides its other multiple applications in treating injuries and damages to other body parts.

How long does it last? 

Hair Regrowth Treatment hair treatment results are not permanent. The first treatment session may require a couple of visits to receive the initial results. Because of this, you may have to opt for more than one Hair Regrowth Treatment session consecutively over a period for maintaining the effects. The same thing happens for medications used by which doctors commonly for curing androgenic alopecia. These include oral finasteride (Propecia) and topical minoxidil (Regaine). 

After a Hair Regrowth Treatment hair restoration session, you can retrieve your work or normal daily activities post 12 hours. Besides that, you may also try to get a shower and/or use a shampoo 1 day succeeding the therapy. 

The effects of proper Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair can last for around 1-3 years. You will have to restart taking a number of sessions after that to retain your healthy hair. The directions of the doctor regarding how often you must have the therapy would differ as per your condition and the outcomes of your initial treatment. The doctor might suggest that you should keep having maintenance Hair Regrowth Treatment shots every 3-6 months when your hair loss becomes manageable. 

How much does Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair loss cost?

Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy cost in India is around 7,000 INR to 10,000 INR per session on an average basis. 

The overall cost of Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair varies with a number of important factors which are listed as follows:

  • Your condition and the site being treated

As per the extent of the area being treated and your particular concern, the cost of Hair Regrowth Treatment differs. In this case, a more widespread hair loss would need more area to be treated (more hair follicles). This raises the total cost.

  • The reputation of the clinic

The reputation of the clinic providing your treatment or the reputation of the dermatologist performing the procedure is significant. The more reputed the specialist and/or the clinic, the higher is his/her charges or the clinic’s fees. This again increases the overall cost.

  • The number of injections needed

If there’s a greater extent of hair loss, it would call for more number of Hair Regrowth Treatment injections to be used at your hair follicles. That would also increase the overall cost.

  • Charges of anaesthesia

Because Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair requires the provision of anaesthesia to the patient, anaesthesia charges are added to the treatment cost. This again raises the total cost. 

  • The number of treatment sessions needed

For deciding and recommending how many additional Hair Regrowth Treatment sessions you need, the specialist relies on the extent of your hair loss and the rate of your hair regrowth following the initial treatment session. Since the therapy normally has to be recurred for maintaining proper results, you require more number of consecutive sessions. This will again increase the overall treatment cost over time.

  • Insurance coverage

Like a number of other treatment costs, Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy cost in India also relies on if it can be covered by the providers of your insurance. If you are able to secure insurance coverage for your Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy, the total cost of the treatment will naturally get reduced. A renowned hair replacement specialist can commonly help you out in such negotiations of acquiring insurance coverage in the concerned therapy procedure. This is also likely to save the overall therapy charges incurred in the distant future when you will need to go through multiple sessions. 

After carefully noting the above-mentioned factors for Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy cost in India, you should realize that you have to keep them in your mind prior to your visit to a clinic for receiving your treatment. 

Are there any side effects?

You are not expected to have an adverse reaction to Hair Regrowth Treatment because it will use your own blood. In other words, in this method, you only separate a component of your blood already flowing through your body for injecting it directly into the sites (hair follicles) requiring therapy. No foreign elements such as drugs are added to the plasma before it is re-injected into your body. Hence you are not likely to get any risks or side effects from Hair Regrowth Treatment hair restoration except for a mild stinging and a little tenderness at the treated region for around 24 hours upon injection. 

Redness, minimal pain, and targeted bleeding may happen when you receive the injections. However, these are among the adverse effects of the delivery manner and not really the therapy itself. 

You may undergo a tight sensation in your scalp instantly after being injected and have mild tenderness, as mentioned above. These might last for around 1 day. Rarely, you will find a mild headache the next day. 

Advantageously, due to the use of the patient’s own blood, Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair is not associated with any major risks like cancer.

However, the procedure is not absolutely free of side effects. Since your own blood components are present in the Hair Regrowth Treatment solution, a couple of certain risks of a reaction to the solution itself remain. 

If you are going through Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair, you might develop the following given side effects:

  • A little pain at the injection site

  • Scalp tenderness

  • Swelling

  • A headache

  • Itching

  • Temporary bleeding at your injection site 

Rare critical adverse effects from Hair Regrowth Treatment shots and the treatment method itself include the following:

  • Blood vessel injury in the scalp

  • Nerve injury

  • Infection at the treated site

  • Scar tissue (i.e., calcification) at the treated region

  • Particular adverse effects because of anesthesia used during Hair Regrowth Treatment, such as bladder control issues, muscle pain or confusion 

If these crucial side effects of the therapy take place, you must definitely try to contact the skin specialist or dermatologist under whose care, your Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair was carried out. 


Hair Regrowth Treatment therapy for hair is a minimally invasive treatment of hair restoration that's usually almost safe and quite effective with an impressive success rate. Only multiple sessions are needed for consistent results. If you are not a candidate or unwilling to have hair transplantation, Hair Regrowth Treatment hair treatment is definitely for you.

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