Hair Loss and Diabetes – What’s the Relation?

17 September, 2018 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani
Diabetes is one of the most common diseases people suffer from in modern-day society, and it can be a direct or indirect result of anxiety, worry, stress, junk food, a desk-bound lifestyle, etc. It is often associated with unhealthy hair and hair thinning which can eventually lead to the problem of female as well as male pattern baldness.

In case of diabetes, your body doesn’t produce enough insulin required for the proper functioning of the body. As a result, sugar can build up in your blood and damage various organs, including nerves, eyes and kidneys. It can also damage the blood vessels that carry oxygen to nourish the hair follicles, and this can affect your hair growth cycle.

Usually, the hair growth cycle goes through three phases. During the active phase, hair grows at the rate of around 1-2 cm per month for 2 years. Then, it goes into the resting phase for approximately 100 days and eventually falls. Diabetes can interrupt this process, slowing your hair growth process.

Diabetic people often develop a condition known as alopecia areata wherein the hair follicles get damaged due to a weakened immune system, resulting in hair loss. In such a scenario, hair loss occurs on the scalp along with other parts of the body. You may also experience hair loss due to the stress caused by diabetes or intake of diabetic medications. Besides this, a weakened immune system also makes people more vulnerable to other diseases which can contribute to hair loss.


  • Progressive loss of hair, change of color and texture are few common symptoms of diabetes. Speaking to your doctor is a must if you’re experiencing any such symptoms. Continuous communication with your doctor is highly essential to keep the problem at bay.
  • Adjust your diet and lifestyle to get a better hold of your blood sugar levels. Follow a low carb diet and avoid sodas and foods that contain artificial sweeteners. Once your diabetes is under control, you will see a reduction in hair loss and the recovery of the lost ones.
  • Exercising daily is a great way to bring down sugar levels and encourage the flow of oxygen to your scalp.

Losing your precious hair can be scary and embarrassing. If you’re suffering from severe hair loss problem, it is advisable to contact the top hair transplant clinics which offer the best hair transplant in India. The treatment offered by world-class doctors at such clinics is the only permanent solution to the hair loss problem.

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