Do Environmental Factors Result in Hair Loss?

9 April, 2018 | Hair Loss
Hair loss – a common problem which adversely impacts the self-esteem of a number of individuals all over the world. While many people blame the condition entirely on genetics, it is important to know that there are many other factors which contribute to both female and male pattern baldness.

Not many people are aware of the fact that our surrounding environment can play a key role in causing hair loss. The below mentioned points will tell about the various environmental factors which can lead to hair loss in both men and women:


Contaminated air contains poisons and carcinogens which can interfere with the protein responsible for hair growth resulting in loss of hair. According to scientists, when pollutants enter the bloodstream, body and skin, it weakens the hair follicles. It is for this reason that places with a polluted environment have more number of bald people.

Hard Water

Hard water is one of the biggest environmental factors that lead to hair loss.According to the recent research, countries having water with more PPM (parts per million) have comparatively more number of bald people. Higher quantities of magnesium, calcium and silica can cause dryness and damage the hair.

Chemical Substances that harm hair.

Chlorine is one of the few chemical substances found in swimming pools damages and harm the hair. While there’s nothing concrete over the direct relation between chlorine and baldness, it is often linked to negatively affecting the overall well-being of hair.

Heat and Sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun may result in permanent hair loss. A sunburn affecting the scalp can activate Telogen Effluvium, which is a male pattern baldness condition wherein more than usual follicles enter the resting phase of the growth cycle. This can worsen the hair loss problem.

Being a sensitive subject hair loss can cause psychological damage to both men and women, hair loss treatment is now becoming more popular than ever before. The reducing hair transplant cost and effective male and female hair loss treatment options available today are highly influential in improving the lives and confidence of many people worldwide.

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