Difference between Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

22 January, 2018 | Hair Loss
The most important and personality-enhancing feature of a person’s body is ‘hair’. While many people are blessed with loads of it, there are a number of people who lack this confidence-boosting feature.

Coming to the point, Hair Loss and Hair Thinning are very much alike, but there’s a ‘hairline’ difference between them. Hair loss is generally the last stage of hair thinning. In the early stages of hair loss, the hair shaft begins to thin with every hair growth cycle, which is termed as Hair Thinning. While this process will ultimately lead to baldness in males, females normally won’t experience that. Their hair will typically keep getting thinner.

If you’re reading this blog, that means you’re here to find out what the exact difference between hair loss and hair thinning is. So, let’s get started!

Hair Thinning

A number of people have thin hair as their natural hair. However, hair thinning happens when the hair strands become thinner than earlier. You will be able to see a change in the thickness of your hair follicle which is caused when sensitivity occurs to the normal androgen that runs around hair follicles. The sensitivity leads to shrinking and change in the diameter of the hair follicle. For women, oestrogen provides the necessary follicular protection reducing the speed of this process.

A well-balanced diet consisting of essential vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc can help prevent this problem. A healthy body leads to healthy hair. Extreme hair thinning can be treated with hair transplant.

Hair Loss

More than half of the world is suffering from hair fall. Not all people suffer from hair loss though. Number of factors such as climatic conditions, a person’s health, water quality, etc. can lead to hair fall. Simply put, you’re suffering from hair loss if your hair stops to regrow. When your hair strands from thinning hair have developed into feathery white hair, it can be explained as hair loss. There are a number of reasons which cause hair fall, including hereditary, excessive use of hair gels and hair sprays, certain medications, over-reactive immune system, etc. Know more about reasons of hair loss.

Regular and proper combing of hair, keeping them clean, and eating a well-balanced diet are just a few ways to avoid hair fall and improve hair quality.

Technology has rapidly evolved in the last few years and in today’s date, there are a number of hair loss treatments available to prevent hair loss. Dermatology has advanced and there are a number of hair specialists in Delhi, and all across the country to serve people with hair loss problem. The ultimate solution for hair loss is obviously hair transplantation. However, there is no alternate to maintaining proper hygiene of your hair and keeping them clean on a daily basis.


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