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22 August, 2014 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani
Hair is one of the most vital elements which enhance the overall beauty of the human face. Thick, luxuriant, bouncy hair is every man’s dream but only a select few of these men are bestowed with such a gift by nature. Pre-mature male balding is taking on frightening proportions with each passing day. Men need a permanent solution to this nightmare and they need it now.

The Perfect Solution to your Hair Loss

Enter hair transplant, the silver bullet for all balding miseries. It restores hair in areas where there is none, by harvesting hair roots from perpetual growth zones of the scalp and other regions of the body. Within a year the hair take root and start growing like normal ones. After that they will be as good as the original ones that you once had in that region of the scalp.

Everybody Wants to Look Younger

Premature balding makes you look older than you really are. Having a bald head doesn’t make you look appealing unless of course you are Vin Diesel. So hair transplant will make you feel youthful again if done the right way. Your chances of being accepted generously within your peer group increases manyfold post transplant. It improves your self-esteem and helps you face the world with renewed vigour.

It Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Today due to rapid advances in the medical field the cost of doing a transplant is very affordable. Some institutes offer free transplant counselling through expert counsellors who can assuage all your fears and anxieties about the surgical procedure and its aftermath. Reputable institutes do not have any hidden charges and you just pay what is being quoted.

It’s Permanent

Unlike many other forms of cure for baldness, transplant is a permanent one. You actually start growing healthy hair on your scalp thus giving you a great solution for baldness. The transplanted graft might take around six months to take root and once that is done then you need not bother about baldness anymore. This surgery has got you and your baldness covered.

The Procedure is Safe and Painless

You don’t even have to be under complete anesthesia when the surgery is being carried out. The doctors will only give you local anesthesia and you can just relax. The procedure is completely natural and there are no side effects on the patient post-surgery. Good institutes follow hygienic best practices and hence it is totally safe and reliable.

Hair is uniformly distributed

Transplant is a very minute process. It is carried out with total precision. Therefore the density of hair on the scalp is evenly distributed and this makes a big difference on the look and feel in that region of the scalp. Each graft is individually transplanted on the required region and this makes them evenly placed from one another.

It’s you own hair

The best part of it all is that you will be using your own hair. You don’t have to worry about its origin. You even don’t have to live with the uneasiness of having artificial strands on your head unlike many quick fix solutions for baldness peddled around every day. What you have is real hair that is nobody else’s and that which will grow just like any other ones on your scalp for the rest of your life.

If you are suffering from baldness and you go to the right doctor and institute then nobody can stop you from having the most beautiful hair around. It makes life that much more special when you know that your mane is nothing short of magical. You can take comfort in the fact that people are giving you a second look just because of your rich tresses. It will transform your life for good.

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