5 steps to follow when hair loss could be the sign of Thyroid related problem

29 December, 2014 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani
Hair loss is frequently seen as a sign of something wrong in your body. Hair can be a good measure of health since hair cells are some of the most delicate and fastest growing cells in the body. When our body is in crisis, hair cells can shut down and hair keeps falling out. There could be many medical reasons why this should happen. The most common reason for hair fall remains Thyroid disease.

When rapid hair loss happens it is due to a hormonal situation called hyperthyroidism. This can be the worst culprit in thinning hair. The main idea of health professionals and patients worldwide is to impede the loss of hair and take steps to tackle balding when it starts. Doctors argue some careful medication and supervision may tackle this growing menace that affects millions worldwide.

Here are some ways in which you can stop your hair from falling in the event of Thyroid problem:

  • The primary thing to do is to visit a doctor and carefully analyse the reason for hair loss. A thorough check up is a must before you take to pills and medicines that abate hair loss. You must visit an endocrinologist. One who specialises in hormones and their effect on hair. Making a trip to the dermatologist is then critical. Never try out over the counter drugs in pharmacies in your area. Professional help and guidance is required here.
  • Check the drug you are taking for your Thyroid problem. A common drug named Synthroid or commonly known as levothyroxine. This is an often prescribed drug that may induce excessive hair loss and many doctors may not know the side effects. Stop your medication immediately or switch to one that does not have side effects.
  • Sometimes, patients are unaware of their Thyroid problem; many even go unchecked for months only to be told that it’s their Thyroid that needs checking. Also, undertreated hair fall may also take severe shape when in Thyroid. You should take one step at a time and check both problems if they occur.
  • Considering an alternative treatment is also must if results don’t show with T4/T3 drug. Try out remedies that check hair fall and also tackle the hormonal imbalance. Taking multi vitamins or even applying primrose oil may help do wonders to your hair and skin. Some other ways of tackling the hair fall menace can be through taking healthy portions of iron and amino acid lysine. These can help reduce iron levels during the time of Hyperthyroidism and check hair fall.
  • One of the best ways to tackle hair fall is to talk about it openly rather than feeling stigmatised and hesitant. Those who are open to discussions with other patients often know the extent of their problem and gain useful knowledge through meetings and chats. Lack of knowledge and social taboo is often the worst offender in situations like these.

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