Does the Act of Controlling Stress Stop Hair Loss?

27 March, 2015 | Hair Loss
There are various reasons for baldness in human beings. It can be attributed to various causes like genetics or some weakness in the body. Additionally, there are some cases where baldness is caused due to stress in one’s life.

These days, as a result of hectic schedules and irritating squabbles of life, one cannot live his/ her life freely and suffers from various ailments of the body and mind. Baldness of hair is one of the most common problems caused by stress and depression in life. If you are reeling under the effects of severe hair loss, then it’s the right time to consult a doctor for knowing the reason behind the same. Take a look.

Stress and Hair Loss

Stress is a psychological state that causes a person to go through shear strain and tension in his/ her mind. Caused by personal or professional problems of life, stress leads to severe health as well as ‘physical appearance’ damaging situations.

There are various stages in the natural lifecycle of hair. In the younger years of one’s life, hair goes through an active stage of development and is thick and healthy in looks. Then hair conditions reach a plateau stage where growth stagnates. At last, on goes through the hair fall stage caused due to ageing and weakness in the body. However, if these stages are accompanied by stress related conditions—especially in the active or rest stage of the body—then the hair fall stage comes to fore at a premature time. Because of stress, one may start losing hair to a great extent, even in the phase in which he/ she should retain a fine mane on the head.

Stress, YOU, and your Hair

Along with leading to dissatisfaction with regards to your appearance, baldness caused by stress leads to irritability, loss of confidence and hurdles in overall personality growth as well. As a result of severe stress, you may lose all the hair on the head and start looking older than your age. Those close to you may get away because of your bald looks, as most people may find it difficult to appreciate the same. To achieve the deserving things in your life and make it better than before, you may like to make some amendments in your daily routine to regain your hair, or stop the progress of severe hair loss.

Ways of Controlling Stress related Baldness

To control stress related baldness, you must take a healthy diet on a daily basis. Discussing your problems with family members or friends can make you feel light, and alleviate the symptoms of frustration and stress to a certain extent. Meditation is another way of getting rid of stress and the aggravating tensions in your life. Meditating for a few minutes can lead to a relaxed state of body and mind; which in turn encourages the growth of new hair and reduces premature hair fall.

All in all, keeping a tab on your stress levels is the right way of going about the act and looking forward to a healthy mane—go for it!


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