The Impacts of Hard Water on Your Hair

9 March, 2015 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani
Just proper care and maintenance cannot give you well nourished hair. Various things have to be united together to obtain the desirable hair quality, tone and length. Take a look at how hard water has a downing effect on the hair of both genders.

While you may be thinking that the roughness in your hair is due to natural causes, the water emanating from your shower head may be the culprit!Each hair shaft basically comprises of small scales, arranged something like shingles on a roof. What hard water does is, is that it makes these scales stand vertically which makes your hair feel rough and tangly. This then results to difficulty in rinsing out the soap applied to nourish it. Soap does not make your hair smooth when combined with hard water because the excess minerals in water form calcium or magnesium salts which are not easily soluble in water and results to dry and rough hair.

Hard Water and your Hair

You cannot avoid the contact of water with your hair in any way. This makes it essential for you to check upon the kind of water you use in a precise way. Most people are unaware of the fact that hard water has negative effects on hair cells. Inappropriate ingredients in water can make their hair rough, dry and damaged, apart from enhancing the possibility of severe hair fall. The supply of water in most Indian towns/ cities is not clean and unsuitable for hair to grow in a productive manner. The chemicals present in water make them hard in nature and end up creating havoc with your hair. The constant association of your scalp with these chemicals leads to severe damages and paves the way for unhealthy conditions of your hair, receding hairline, premature graying and so forth.

In the worst scenario, hard water may change the natural color and tone of your crowning glory, thereby making it imperative for you to seek the help of unnatural dyes, which may impact your looks the wrong way. Additionally, hard water leaves behind traces of unwanted elements on the scalp that keeps working upon the layers within and leads to more damages and worsening hair conditions. With all this in view, getting to the root of hard water problem becomes a necessity to avoid hair related issues.

Hard water is one the main reasons for split end in the hair too. Split ends hamper the growth of hair and keep them of short length only. There is no solution for split end hair except removing them from your head. Those living in areas with hard water in their taps have to find good ways of transforming the nature of their day-today use water supply—thus making the same healthier and more compatible for their hair.

Soft Water—the only Way Out

Using soft water is the only solution for the problems faced by your hair. But then, the act of producing soft water on a regular basis is not an easy task and is very expensive to acquire. In most residential areas, water softener chemicals like sodium and potassium are being used on a regular basis. These added ingredients cannot make the situation right but at least make it better.

However, if it becomes difficult for you to get ready access to soft water and your hair simply refuses to grow the healthy way, then in order to curb the concerns of baldness and hair fall you may want to visit a hair therapist / clinic of your choice. With the right treatment modes up their sleeve they will help you regain the sheen, length and volume in your hair—the right way!

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