Synthetic Hair Transplant Price In Delhi: How Much Does It Cost?

1 February, 2024 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

When it comes to hair transplants, the majority of people requiring it would rather choose natural over artificial. However, the fact of the matter is that sometimes natural hair transplants simply aren’t possible. If this is your reality as well, and you still want to undergo a hair transplant, an artificial hair transplant should be a consideration.

All types of hair transplant in delhi have evolved in recent years, and artificial hair transplants are no different. Under the umbrella term of ‘artificial hair transplant’, biofibre or synthetic hair transplants have become incredibly popular. This is a phenomenon observed across Delhi, and in fact, the entirety of India. 

But what are biofibre or synthetic hair transplants? And how are they different from natural procedures? Well, biofibre or synthetic hair transplants, as the name suggests, involve transplants featuring artificial hair made from biocompatible fibres. In contrast, natural procedures feature the movement of natural hair from donor to transplant sites.

If natural hair restoration is impossible for you owing to conditions such as pattern baldness and/or scarring alopecia, biofibre or synthetic hair transplants are the way to go. But what about biofibre hair transplant cost? Let’s find out about it in greater detail.

Synthetic Hair Transplant Price: Factors That Affect the Costs Involved

Numerous factors go into dictating costs associated with synthetic hair transplants in Delhi. So, to understand how much you will likely have to shell out, you must know the ins and outs of each one.

Urban or Semi-Urban Clinic? Where You Undergo the Procedure Matters

The burgeoning popularity of artificial hair transplant procedures in Delhi has led to clinics cropping up across both urban and semi-urban areas. Typically, clinics located in urban areas feature experienced surgeons and staff, along with top-notch infrastructure. Coupled with the trend of higher standards of living and greater demand for such procedures, this results in urban clinics charging slightly more for their services.

The Hair Thickness You Desire Contributes Too

Biofibre hair transplant cost also depends on hair thickness. Typically, the standard option for hairline lowering is Biofibre 4.0, which ensures 3,000 hairs for 1,000 fibres. However, if your requirement is crown hair, you would have to opt for Medicap High Density or MHD. For every follicle implanted, MHD ensures 3 hairs. As a result, it can stretch your budget a bit more than the standard Biofibre 4.0.

Surgeon’s Expertise and Experience Has an Impact as Well

The most experienced surgeons who have mastered synthetic hair transplants tend to offer their services across multiple clinics. So, people who want to undergo synthetic hair transplants at the hands of the very best generally have to spend more. As bio hair transplant procedures carry some infection risks, it’s always recommended to choose an experienced surgeon/dermatologist.

The Severity of Your Specific Condition

No two cases of hair loss are the same. For some, hair loss happens only in specific areas. For others, hair loss may be spread across multiple areas. If you fall under the second bracket and are contemplating artificial hair restoration, expect to spend more.

Sessions Necessary for Ensuring Desired Results

Artificial hair transplant varies from one individual to the next in terms of the necessary sessions. If the transplant is done for a very small area experiencing hair loss, expenses would be on the lower side. However, your surgeon may opt for multiple sessions, and more sessions typically come with higher costs.

Average Range of Synthetic Hair Transplant Costs

The pricing for artificial hair transplant in Delhi works on the basis of each follicle a patient needs. On average, the lowest you can expect to pay is around Rs. 120 for every follicle. At the other end of the range, prices can go up to as much as Rs. 170 for each follicle. Ultimately, even the costs per follicle are likely to vary according to the factors mentioned previously.

Synthetic Hair Restoration Benefits

Costs of artificial hair restoration tend to be on the higher side compared to natural procedures. However, before you let this fact scare you, you must go through the benefits of bio hair transplant.

No Waiting Around for Results to Show

One of the major drawbacks of natural hair transplant is the time it takes for the results to show. Depending on the extent of the transplant procedure, patients may have to wait for several days. However, when it comes to artificial hair transplants, the waiting time is minimal. As soon as the necessary number of sessions are done and dusted, the results start to show.

Painless Procedure

Natural procedures can inflict pain, but their artificial counterparts simply don’t. As a result, if it’s a painless option that you are looking for, a synthetic hair transplant in Delhi makes for the perfect choice.

Unchanging Appearance

Another major drawback of natural procedures is that biological hair is prone to greying with age. Fortunately, this is not an occurrence with synthetic hair restoration. This is because artificial hair does not age and as a result, its appearance never changes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is synthetic hair transplant good?

People nowadays don’t mind paying synthetic hair transplant prices because it delivers results. If you choose to undergo the transplant procedure at a reputed clinic, the aesthetics would resemble those of natural hair. In addition to this, artificial hair restoration procedures don’t cause pain. They also offer desired results much quicker compared to natural procedures.

Q. Is synthetic hair transplant permanent?

Unfortunately, despite technological advancements, synthetic hair transplant procedures are still not permanent. Even for perfect procedures, the results stay only for around 8 years. After this period, people need to undergo top-up procedures. In the long run, these top-up procedures also add to synthetic hair transplant prices.

Q. What are the side effects of synthetic hair?

There are maintenance rules you need to adhere to ensure least side effects of synthetic hair. However, if you fail to follow the maintenance rules, you may experience irritation and allergic reactions. In the most severe cases of lack of maintenance, people may experience infections as well.

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