Lactic Acid for Hair Growth: How effective is it?

13 June, 2024 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani

Several solutions exist to hair loss problems or sluggish hair growth. However, their effectiveness varies significantly. People with androgenetic alopecia often resort to one or the other solution. However, none of the hair-growing methods ensures permanent results—a fuller head of hair. People with such issues often lack self-confidence and stop socialising.

The combination of Minoxidil with poly-L-lactic acid micro-thread treatment contributes positively to hair thickness, density, and appearance. Lactic acid's exfoliating properties eliminate dead skin cells. Moreover, this acid helps unclog hair follicles, creating an environment ideal for a healthy scalp. Consult Medlinks hair transplant clinic in delhi for further guidance.

Understanding the Role of Lactic Acid in Hair Care

The appropriate use of lactic acid can lead to a significant reduction in itchiness, dandruff and scalp irritation. Various credible research studies claim that lactic acid is beneficial for hair growth. Apart from yoghurt, lactic acid is a typical ingredient in different fermented food items. Many people find it surprising when they learn about its role in a person's hair care.

Lactic acid falls under the group of acids known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These gentle exfoliants work to dissolve the bonds, which can hold dead skin cells and foster their natural shedding. Scalp health improves to a significant extent because of the use of lactic acid in the correct quantity.

A healthy scalp helps expedite the process of the growth of healthy hair. Continuous accumulation of dead skin cells leads to clogging of hair follicles, restraining new hair growth. Correctly applying hair care products containing lactic acid helps eradicate the buildup. A cleaner scalp environment is a must for the thriving of hair follicles. 

What's the Science behind Lactic Acid and Hair Growth?

There has been no conclusive evidence until now regarding lactic acid's direct impact on hair growth. A healthy scalp helps create an environment conducive to hair growth. Lactic acid isn't capable of stimulating hair follicles directly or speeding up hair growth. The acid is crucial in ridding the scalp of excessive buildup of unwanted elements that prevent healthy hair growth.

Unleashing the Potential of Lactic Acid for Hair Growth

Lactic acid is one of the best acids for hair growth. Before using hair care products with lactic acid as a key ingredient, learn about the prime benefits.

Maintains the pH Balance of Scalp

Lactic acid for hair aids in maintaining the scalp's ideal pH balance, which is essential for healthy hair. By holding the scalp's causticity levels under tight restraints, lactic acid helps create a suitable environment for hair follicles. They can flourish and contribute significantly to scalp well-being.

Helps Hold On to Moisture

As a humectant, lactic acid is instrumental in drawing and retaining moisture in the hair shafts. This leads to improved hydration, making the hair milder, easier to manage, and less susceptible to dryness, frizziness and breakage. 

Exfoliates Scalp

The gentle exfoliating qualities of lactic acid aid in the removal of dead skin cells and unclog hair follicles. Eventually, it helps promote a healthy scalp environment. This can reduce typical issues like scalp irritation, itchiness and dandruff. 

Improves Texture of Hair

Regular use of lactic acid can improve the texture of the hair, making it stronger, smoother and shinier. Lactic acid helps reduce frizz, enhance hair elasticity, and create an appealing appearance overall.

Helps Detangle Hair

Lactic acid is well-known for its conditioning properties, which assist in detangling hair and diminishing bunches and tangles. It lets users comb or brush their hair with ease, minimising hair breakage and damage while styling hair. If you use hair care products containing lactic acid, you will have stronger, more manageable, and more luscious hair.

Steps to Take to Apply Lactic Acid to Your Hair

Here's how to use lactic acid to remove dead skin cells from your scalp. Following the steps below can contribute to hair growth.

Hair Conditioning Items

Search for hair conditioners consisting of lactic acid as one of the major ingredients. Such hair conditioning products can help your hair reap the advantages of lactic acid. These ready-to-use items help moisturise, condition, and improve the strength and health of your hair.

Hair Masks

Your hair can benefit from a nourishing and revitalising treatment when lactic acid is included in DIY hair masks. The combination of lactic acid with honey or yoghurt is prudent for an exfoliating and moisturising hair mask. Apply the mixture to your damp hair, leave it on for the suggested time, and wash thoroughly for hair well-being.

Hair Treatments by Professionals

Choose salons or hair treatment clinics to treat your hair with lactic acid. Professionals conduct these treatments, ensuring deep conditioning of hair and scalp health improvement. Ultimately, you will experience healthy hair growth over time. Consult with expert hair stylists to explore feasible options that benefit your hair health.

All in all, lactic acid for hair can be a unique advantage in further ensuring your hair's well-being. It helps you maintain scalp pH balance and improves moisture retention. Lactic acid is crucial in developing hair texture and advancing scalp well-being, playing a key role in hair care. 

Use lactic acid in conditioning products, hair masks, or professional treatments to improve hair health and appearance. It is advisable to use lactic acid-based hair care products twice or thrice a week. Harness the potential of lactic acid to make your hair appear healthier and more attractive.

Before you begin using lactic acid-enriched hair care products, you must obtain proper guidance from seasoned dermatologists at MedLinks. Hair care specialists at Delhi's leading hair transplant clinic can also give valuable advice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Should I Leave Lactic Acid On My Hair?

You can leave it for four to five minutes before washing your hair well.

Is it Safe To Use Lactic Acid On A Daily Basis?

It is not recommended to use lactic acid daily because of the potential risks like itching and scalp irritation.

What should not be Mixed with Lactic Acid?

If you want to keep your hair in the best condition, do not mix retinol or benzoyl peroxide with lactic acid.

What Goes Well With Lactic Acid?

You can combine hydrating ingredients or products with lactic acid for scalp health improvement and hair growth.

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