Does Excessive Dieting Lead to Hair Loss?

20 September, 2018 | Hair Loss
The growing consciousness about physical appearance has made gyming and dieting an integral part of the daily lives of people. While a perfect combination of exercises and nutritious foods are essential for leading a healthy life, it is important to remember that lack of proteins, iron and other dietary supplements can result in hair loss. Lack of nutrients deprive your hair from nourishment which eventually leads to hair loss problems.

Hair loss caused from weight loss is associated with a condition known as telogen effluvium. There are three stages of hair cycle- anagen (growth), catagen (intermediate) and telogen (resting or shedding). Normally, hair grows at a rate of about ½ inch per month before it goes into the resting phase. About 10% of your hair will be in the resting phase during the regular cycle. Telogen effluvium occurs when more than 10% of your hair fall disturbing your overall hair cycle.

Hair loss due to weight loss is common and temporary. Although several hair loss treatment are available to deal with extreme hair loss but few dietary and lifestyle changes can help you to revive your temporarily disturbed hair cycle:

  • Your hair structure is complex and made up of proteins. Increasing your protein intake with foods such as fish, red meat and beans can effectively help you in stimulating the hair growth process. Further, including vitamin A, C, iron and zinc in your diet plan will provide you with all essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to normalizing hair growth.
  • Make foods such as eggs, spinach, fruits, carrots, nuts and whole grains a part of your regular diet as they can significantly boost the hair growth process.
  • People restrict their calorie consumption because of their strict weight loss schedule. Optimal nutrition is extremely important to ensure proper body operations. Lack of the necessary calorie intake can lead to several deficiencies in the body. Just like your body needs food, your hair requires nutrients for better growth. Ensure your calorie intake is sufficient to provide your hair with all essential nutrients.

If you’re experiencing hair loss after weight loss, don’t panic and understand that it’s a normal process. Your hair follicles aren’t damaged, they’re trying to adjust to the changes. On the other hand, if you’re suffering from major hair loss problem, undergoing the best hair transplant in India at some of the top hair transplant clinics can help you completely transform your life.


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