What Is The Cysteine Hair Treatment Price?

25 November, 2023 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani

Science states that a good hair treatment is all about using quality products for washing the hair, applying the solution for deep nourishment, and rinsing with a mild shampoo. Assuming that you want to get rid of brittle and frizzy hair, this post comes to your rescue. Welcome to this all-encompassing guide, where you will discover everything about the cysteine hair treatment price.

An Introduction to the Cysteine Hair Treatment: Pros, Impacts, and More

The modern-day hair care universe offers so many hair treatments that you may feel confused about which one to choose. Since it becomes challenging for you to choose the right therapy based on your hair issues, here's presenting the best solution. The following are the benefits of cysteine hair therapy:

  • Achieve a Great Statement

This hair treatment can improve the overall appearance of your hair since it makes your hair look healthier, shinier, and more manageable.

  • Best Smoothening Impacts

Hair therapy can smoothen and straighten your hair. So it makes the hair look more manageable. Ladies with curly, frizzy, and wavy hair can consider this treatment.

  • Bid Adieu to Frizziness

Eliminate frizzy and brittle hair with this therapy. Cysteine leaves your hair with a lustrous shine, making it more manageable during humid climatic conditions.

  • Anyone and Everyone Can Consider

The best thing about this hair therapy is that it is applicable to all hair types. You can choose this versatile treatment whether it's curly, straight, thin, or wavy hair. Surprisingly, even girls above 12 years of age can opt for this treatment to reduce frizziness and improve their hair texture. 

Cysteine Treatment For Hair: Follow These Points to Make it Last Longer

You must consider these things to make the treatment last longer:

  • Firstly, you must not pull or tug your hair while combing or brushing. The best way you can avoid it is by using a wide-toothed comb that detangles your hair effectively.
  • Secondly, remember that regularly trimming your hair reduces the chances of split ends and lets the treatment last longer.
  • Thirdly, sulfates are the most dangerous detergents that may reduce the overall impact of this treatment. So, your sulfate-free shampoo keeps your hair manageable.
  • Keep in mind that heat styling tools are some of the most dangerous products to apply on air after therapy. It causes your hair to damage faster. So, you must refrain from these tools.
  • Lastly, you must avoid products that have harsh chemicals in order to follow a healthy hair care routine. Avoid hair colour, bleach, and hair styling products. Consume a healthy diet and stay hydrated. Also, keep yourself away from excessive exposure to the sunlight, as it can damage your hair. 

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A 5-Step Process to Undergo Cysteine Hair Therapy

Now that this post has narrated the cost parameters, it's time to discover the steps involved in this therapy. Generally, cysteine hair therapy is a three-step process. But to ensure you understand the steps, here's presenting the whole process in the given points:

  1. Washing Your Hair: First, you need a mild (general sulfate-free) shampoo to eliminate the buildup of previous products (like oil, gel or cream). These residues may prevent the effectiveness of this treatment. 
  2. Applying the Product: Next comes the product application, where you need quality cysteine products evenly distributed.
  3. Time Required: You need to wait for 20 to 30 minutes for the product to penetrate deeply into your hair shafts. Then, the professional washes your hair using a mild (sulfate-free) shampoo.
  4. When to Rinse: Now, the specialist applies a mild shampoo to wash the hair carefully.
  5. Some Aftercare Instructions: Your aesthetician will recommend aftercare instructions to keep your hair well-maintained for six months or more.

4 Prime Factors Determine the Cysteine Hair Treatment Price: Things to Understand

If you want to choose cysteine hair treatment, it's time you understand the price. First things first, this treatment is not so costly in a nation like India, where you may be charged between Rs. 5000 and 12000, depending on a few parameters. Mentioned below are the parameters affecting the cysteine hair treatment price:

  • Knowledge of Your Doctor

You also need to check the experience of the professional who performs the treatment. In this case, you must assess the doctor's experience and skills. Their proven track record helps you achieve optimum results and minimize risks.

  • Hair Condition (Even The Length)

Longer hair usually requires more cysteine solution. The application time is longer. So, the cost of the treatment has an influential impact on the overall cost of the cysteine hair treatment. 

  • The Selected Brand & Products 

Using cysteine products manufactured by reputable brands is usually costlier. Quality and brand name are the two things that make the difference in prices.

  • City Where You Undergo the Therapy

Like hair transplantation, even cysteine hair therapy costs depend on the location. For instance, opting for a hair transplant in Delhi will be more expensive when compared to other metropolitan cities. Similarly, cysteine hair treatment in Delhi will be more expensive than in other cities in India, owing to the cost of living.

With these things stated, you can keep your hair healthy, and that way, the hair treatment lasts longer. So, you have understood the cysteine hair treatment price aspects, benefits, and hair care tips in this post.


How Long Does It Take for this Treatment to Complete?

The doctor will keep the cysteine-rich solution in your hair for a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes. Now, your professional rinses your hair with the help of a mild shampoo. 

Can You Visit The Gym After Cysteine Hair Treatment?

Yes, there's no need to postpone your workout schedule. After the Cysteine Hair Treatment, you can visit the gym and perform your activities. It is recommended to perform strenuous workout activities at least after 1 to 2 days post-therapy.

Does The Cysteine Treatment Last Forever?

No, the cysteine treatment may last you for six months minimum. However, following a healthy hair care regimen increases the timespan to 7 to 8 months. So, it's important to follow the aftercare instructions the professional recommends. 

Can People with Thin Hair Consider this Therapy?

Yes, you can consider this treatment for thin hair, making your hair look denser and more lustrous.

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