What to Know about the Best Folic Acid for Hair Growth?

10 June, 2024 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani

Hair contributes significantly to how a person looks and feels. It is beyond aesthetics and more of a crucial part of everyone's identity. An individual with androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness experiences a lack of self-confidence. Indeed, not everyone is blessed with healthy, luscious hair. Proper hair care and leading a healthy lifestyle can greatly improve hair health.

Over 6.8 million people are affected by Alopecia areata in the US. Folic acid can help overcome a prevalent issue like hair thinning and foster hair growth. Vitamin B9 is a reliable solution to several hair-related problems. Including folic acid in your regular diet is judicious to keep your hair in the finest condition.

The Importance of Folic Acid for Hair

Folic acid is folate's synthetic form. It is crucial for cell division and DNA synthesis. These processes are essential for healthy hair growth, as some of the body's fastest-dividing cells include hair follicles. 

Folic acid can work wonders for your hair if you take it in the right way and in the right quantity for years. It is effective in preventing hair shedding and damage, apart from contributing to hair growth. Folic acid can benefit your hair in multiple ways.

Hair Growth and Regrowth – Folic acid promotes cell regeneration, contributing significantly to healthy hair growth. Proper nourishment of hair follicles lets your hair grow quicker and healthier. Moreover, stimulation of hair growth is easier if you intake folic acid regularly.

Boosts RBC Production – The red blood cell carries oxygen throughout the human body. Folic acid helps increase the production of red blood cells. A sufficient supply of oxygen helps nourish hair follicles, leading to their healthy growth.

Prevents Shedding of Hair – Hair follicles become stronger to a significant extent because of folic acid. It prevents hair from shedding, making your hair appear denser.

Increases Keratin Production – Folic acid can be vital in increasing keratin production. Hair strands will remain healthier and stronger because of a higher keratin level. 

Prevents Premature Gray Hair – Folic acid excels in slowing down hair greying. Proper intake of it can help you maintain your hair's natural colour. Eventually, you can keep grey hair strands away.

Makes Hair More Lustrous – Your hair will appear more lustrous over time if you keep folic acid an integral part of your regular diet. The appropriate folic acid level in the body ensures the proper distribution of nutrients throughout the body.

Common Folic Acid Deficiency Signs

You should be well aware of the typical signs of folic acid deficiency. Taking the right action on time, including folic acid in your diet, will be easier. Common folic acid deficiency signs are excess hair fall, slow growth, premature greying, and breakage. You will experience such issues primarily due to your body's lower level of folic acid. 

Do not delay taking folic acid if your hair becomes thinner and sheds frequently. Excess and lack of folate can lead to undesirable effects in the body. Consult a physician to learn whether your body needs folic acid. A higher level of folate can cause rashes, headaches, skin problems, etc. It is advisable not to intake folic acid unless the level of Vitamin B in your body is down.

Correct Ways to Use Folic Acid to Stimulate Hair Growth

If growing healthier, stronger and denser hair is your objective, the move to intake folic acid is sensible. However, you need to clearly understand the right techniques for using folic acid. For anyone above 14+ years, the recommended daily intake is 400 micrograms. Doctors often suggest that pregnant women should regularly intake 600 mcg of folic acid.

Category Folic Acid Recommended Dietary Allowance (mcg/day)


Folic Acid Recommended Dietary Allowance (mcg/day)

0-6 months


7-12 months


1-3 years


4-8 years


9-13 years


14+ years


It is paramount to consume folate obtained from different sources. Include foods naturally rich in folic acid in your daily diet. Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, peas, and beans are rich in folate. Your hair will grow faster when it receives the much-needed nutrients properly. 

In addition, you can take Vitamin B9 supplements to make up for the deficiency in Vitamin B9. Before taking folic acid supplements, make sure you consult your doctor. It is advisable to use hair care products consisting of folic acid for healthy hair growth.

Side Effects and Risks Pertinent to Folic Acid Intake

Here are the common side effects and risks of taking folic acid.

  • Intaking folic acid is usually considered safe. One would rarely experience any side effects as such. However, excess doses can lead to gas, bloating, nausea and insomnia.
  • Taking folic acid supplements leads to the masking of neurologic signs of severe Vitamin B12 deficiencies. 
  • Folic acid in high dosages can adversely impact the efficacy of seizure medications. Folate has the tendency to mix with methotrexate when it's used in individuals with cancer. 
  • Intaking doctor-prescribed medicines to treat ulcerative colitis can lead to a deficiency in folic acid.

How to Optimise Healthy Hair Growth?

Besides the intake of folic acid, here's what you should do to stimulate the growth of healthier and stronger hair.

  • Stick to a well-balanced diet that contains essential nutrients. Vitamin A, B, C, D and E, Zinc, and Iron contribute remarkably to hair's overall health.
  • Opt for gentle hair care and avoid making it undergo harsh treatments as much as possible.
  • Massaging the scalp on a regular basis can increase blood circulation to the scalp, fostering healthy hair growth.
  • Stress management is necessary if you want healthy hair growth. Practice meditation or yoga daily.

Consult certified dermatologists at MedLinks to learn the best methods to grow healthier, shinier, and stronger hair. The specialists at the top hair transplant clinic in Delhi can tell you whether folic acid will benefit your hair. 


Is It Necessary To Consult A Doctor Before Taking Folic Acid Supplements?

You must consult a physician prior to taking folic acid tablets to meet Vitamin B9 requirements.

Can Folic Acid Prevent Premature Hair Greying?

Folic acid is instrumental in the prevention of premature hair greying. 

What Does Folate Do?

Folate plays a crucial role in promoting the growth of healthy cells.

How Long Does A Folic Acid Supplement Take To Deliver The Expected Results?

It will take around two to three months for you to experience noteworthy hair growth and health. Make sure you take folic acid tablets regularly.

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