Amino Acids for Hair Growth: Top 7 Benefits

4 June, 2024 | Hair Loss | Author : Shveta Virmani

Every man and woman with thicker, denser, and shinier hair knows they are more blessed. With healthier and lustrous hair, one can stand out easily and express themselves with the utmost confidence. Therefore, hair is not merely an aesthetic feature. It's crucial for every person to understand the importance of amino acids for hair growth. 

Adhere to necessary multi-pronged steps to effectively contribute to your hair's overall well-being. Amino acids are instrumental in improving hair health, growth, and appearance. Unlocking the secrets to vibrant, sleek hair will require obtaining the requisite quantity of amino acids.

Types of Amino Acids: Essential and Non-Essential

Keratin is the protein primarily responsible for forming the structure of hair and keeping hair healthy. The combination of different amino acids in particular chain-like formats leads to keratin formation. 

Among twenty types of amino acids, nine are essential, requiring a person to obtain them through diet. The human body can produce the rest of the amino acids, which are regarded as non-essential.

Essential Amino Acids Include:

Lysine, Histidine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Methionine, Threonine, Phenylalanine, Valine and Tryptophan

Non-essential Amino Acids are:

Alanine, Arginine, Glycine, Proline, Tyrosine and Serine

Keratin production occurs seamlessly and effectively when the body has no dearth of amino acids. The structural integrity of each strand of hair is attributed to this essential protein. Keratin makes hair elastic, strong and resilient. 

A significant dip in amino acid levels affects keratin production. Ultimately, hair becomes more prone to thinning and breakage. Keep reading to understand the role of amino acids for hair growth.

How do Amino Acids Benefit Hair?

Amino acids help form proteins known as the building blocks of life. Adequate keratin content can foster healthy hair growth. Here's how amino acids benefit a person's hair.

Hair Growth Stimulation

Including amino acids-enriched food items in your daily diet can help increase keratin production. This fibrous structural protein stimulates healthy hair growth in men and women. The synthesis of keratin largely depends on amino acids - the primary building blocks of proteins. 

Continuous synthesis of these hair proteins is necessary without any disturbances for hair strands' regeneration. In addition, the healthy growth of hair follicles depends on keratin production. 

Arginine is one of the cardinal amino acids that contribute to the circulation of blood to the scalp. Hair follicles receive essential nutrients and sufficient oxygen due to improved blood flow. Ultimately, an environment forms that's conducive to the optimal growth of healthy hair.

Consult a certified and experienced hair specialist at the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi if you're experiencing extreme hair fall. Learn from them about the effective solutions to your hair-related problems. Do what they recommend, besides consuming foods rich in amino acids regularly. You will gain more insights into the efficacy of amino acids for hair growth.

Improve the Strength and Structure of Hair 

Almost 23.9% of women and 67.1% of men experience Androgenetic alopecia. Getting over the common form of hair loss is possible when one prioritises adequate intake of amino acids. They are the building blocks of proteins, boosting the strength and structure of hair strands. Resilient and strong hair can endure environmental stress factors and everyday styling with ease. 

Cysteine is one of the amino acids that prove beneficial for keratin synthesis and overall well-being of hair. Consumption of foods rich in protein and applying amino acids-enriched hair care products can help form new proteins in hair strands. 

Help Retain Adequate Moisture

Dryness can lead to hair breakage easily. So, the presence of moisture in hair strands is of paramount importance. These building blocks of keratin excel in retaining moisture in hair strands and preventing them from drying. So, it is prudent to intake the appropriate quantity of amino acids for hair growth. 

Moisture presence in adequate amounts can lead to softer and smoother hair. Try to eat foods with a high content of amino acids and use hair care items containing these building blocks of protein. Prioritise maximum moisture retention and hydration to boost the growth and appearance of your hair. 

Damaged Hair Repair

Amino acids are responsible for the formation of keratin. The level of this specific protein helps determine the health of a person's hair. These proteins are imperative to rebuild and fortify hair strands. All typical essential and non-essential amino acids contribute to a significant extent to damaged hair repair. Some of those are arginine, cysteine, Proline and methionine.

Hair withstands multiple factors, including air pollutants, harsh chemicals, extreme heat and other environmental stress. All these factors adversely impact the protein structure and are accountable for its breakdown. One experiences split ends, hair thinning and damage. Thus, ensuring sufficient amino acid intake is necessary as they can prevent the hair from sustaining any damage.

Prevent Hair Thinning and Damage

A sufficient amount of amino acids in the body can help maintain the structural foundation of hair and boost its strength. Cysteine treatment for hair plays a crucial role in producing disulphide bonds, making the hair stand's structure more resilient and stronger. Eventually, hair becomes less vulnerable to breakage. 

Lysine and Proline are two vital amino acids responsible for collagen production. Sufficient collagen in the body can contribute to the growth of hair, nails, skin, ligaments, bones, etc. This essential protein helps maintain the function and structure of different tissues, which include hair strands. Collagen can prevent hair from turning brittle and keep the issue of split ends at bay.

Improve Hair Elasticity

Amino acids contribute to synthesising structural proteins called keratin, improving hair elasticity and strength. Keratin excels in maintaining the structural integrity of hair strands. The level of elasticity of one's hair is highly dependent on the protein structure's flexibility and integrity. 

Proline is one of those amino acids that are instrumental in collagen production. Sufficient collagen presence in the body helps provide the required structural assistance to hair, nails, skin, etc. So, prioritise increasing the collagen level to boost your hair's strength and elasticity.

Keep the Risk of Premature Greying Hair Away

Oxidative stress and reduced melanin production cause premature greying hair in most individuals. Amino acids like tyrosine can help increase the level of melanin. This natural pigment helps keep hair colour darker. 

On the other hand, several different amino acids rich in antioxidants help minimise free radical damage, preventing premature hair greying. So, amino acids for hair growth are indispensable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Effective Are Amino Acids In Hair Thickening?

Amino acids are great at improving the thickness of hair.

Which Amino Acids Can Thicken Hair Effectively?

Cysteine is an amino acid that is highly effective in making hair thick. 

Is it Safe To Undergo Hair Treatment That Uses Amino Acids?

Undergoing a hair treatment in which the use of amino acids is common can help you repair and rebuild your hair. The results last for one and a half to two months. Styling your hair will be easier, and there won't be any damage to it. 

How does L-arginine Help Trigger Hair Growth?

L-arginine boosts the supply of blood in the hair follicles, leading to the stimulation of hair growth. 

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