After How Many Days Does Hair Start Growing after Hair Transplant?

1 May, 2024 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

Very few people have a full head of healthy hair despite turning over 50 years of age. Not everyone is good at maintaining their hair because of their lifestyle. Eventually, they experience extreme hair thinning or shedding. Hair loss has already become a major concern for most men and women worldwide. Therefore, the number of hair transplant in delhi annually has increased sharply.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has recently confirmed that more than 6,00,000 individuals undergo hair transplants annually. Indeed, several hair restoration techniques can help people who sustain severe hair loss problems. However, none of those methods is as effective as hair transplantation. 

The FUE hair transplant success rate is higher than other methods. Hair loss sufferers opt for this hair transplant technique because it’s a more permanent and reliable solution. It is a minimally invasive surgical process.

Hair transplant specialists extract hair follicles from the donor region and implant them into the hair-thinning or bald region. This is the standard process for both men and women who experience hair loss. Keep reading to learn about “after how many days does hair start growing after hair transplant”.

What are the Main Three Phases of the Hair Growth Cycle?

Post-hair transplantation, the natural hair growth cycle follows three main phases.

  • Growth Phase: The growth phase is called Anagen, and this active phase lasts anywhere between 2 and 7 years, especially for scalp hair. The hair follicles keep producing new hair cells during this phase.
  • Transition Phase: The Catagen or transition phase is very short, lasting between two and four weeks. This phase marks the shift from growth to hair resting. The slowdown of hair growth is apparent during this phase, as the hair follicles get devoid of the blood supply.
  • Resting Phase: The hair starts shedding naturally after staying dormant for at least three months.

Rest assured that new and healthy hair growth after hair transplant is certain if you prioritise proper aftercare. A temporary shock for transplanted hair follicles is normal post-transplant.

Which Factors Adversely Impact the New Hair Growth?

Multiple factors hinder the growth of new hair post-hair transplant surgery. 

Age: Compared to older patients, younger ones experience new hair growth faster. The healing capacity of the scalp in younger patients is more. Also, the flow of blood to the scalp and hair follicles is better.

Health Condition: The speed and quality of hair growth are dependent majorly on the overall health condition or holistic well-being of a patient. Those who have underlying medical conditions and are on medications usually experience very slow results.

Hair Transplant Process: The FUE hair transplant cost is a bit more than the FUT technique at most clinics. However, the former is less invasive and helps patients get the desired results faster. The scalp heals quickly, fostering new hair growth.

Hair Loss Severity: The timeline for new hair growth will be longer if a patient experiences severe hair loss. Such patients need more hair grafts in the thinning or bald area on the scalp. Thus, attaining the coveted results takes more time in their case. Grade 7-8 hair loss regions usually need around 6000-7000 hair grafts.

Timeline for New Hair Growth Post-Transplant

Read on to understand each phase of the hair growth cycle in detail.

Healing Phase: You must be very careful in the initial one or two weeks to quickly see the desired results. Your scalp needs sufficient time and rest for proper healing. Experiencing swelling and redness around the donor and recipient areas is common during the healing phase. Adhere to your hair transplant specialist’s instructions after hair transplant surgery. Try to avoid strenuous tasks in the first couple of weeks. 

Shedding Phase: The implanted hair follicles enter the resting phase three months after hair transplant. During this phase, there won’t be new hair growth. Know that shedding of existing hair in the recipient region is a normal part of the transplantation procedure. 

Initial Growth Phase: The initial hair growth after hair transplant will begin around four to six months after the transplant. New hair growth will be evident in the implanted region of the scalp. Initially, the new hair will be thinner, which will turn thicker over time. 

Hair Growth Speed-Up Phase: Your hair growth will accelerate seven to nine months after your hair transplantation. New, healthier and thicker hair will start growing from the transplanted follicles at a rapid pace during this phase. 

Maturation Phase: The implanted hair will reach its maximum potential at least 10-12 months post-transplant. The new hair will attain its texture, thickness, density and colour during this maturation phase. Expect a more natural hairline and overall growth of hair once you are about to complete a year after hair transplant surgery. 

The hair transplant success rate is higher for individuals who take the utmost care of their hair post-surgery. In women, new hair continues to become thicker, denser, and more lustrous for up to eighteen months.

There is no denying that hair transplantation can be a long-term solution for people who experience severe hair loss. Following experts’ tips and being patient are must post-transplant. You will certainly get your desired results if you do what is necessary. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Normal Hair Growing Rate Every Month Post-Transplant?

According to experts, new hair grows 1-2 cm every month after hair transplant treatment.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Desired Results After Hair Transplantation?

Some patients get the coveted results within 7-10 months. However, most patients get a full head of hair around 10-12 months after a hair transplant.

What to do if the Transplanted Area Scratches?

For a few months after hair transplantation, it is advisable to avoid scratching the area where experts transplant hair follicles.

Will the Implanted Hair Become Thinner Again?

There is a possibility that transplanted hair will become thinner many years after the transplant. 

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