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3 May, 2024 | Hair Transplant | Author : Shveta Virmani

Hair transplant treatment is the one of the best solutions to hair loss problems. Highly advanced hair transplant methods such as FUE or FUT can help one overcome hair thinning and shedding issues. Once you undergo a hair transplant, you will have a full head of natural-looking hair. Proper care of the transplanted hair on your scalp’s bald regions is of paramount importance post-surgery.

If you take all the steps to ensure healthy hair growth, you will undoubtedly get the desired results quickly. Everyone who has had post hair transplant care is satisfied with the results. Hair transplant is a minimally invasive hair restoration treatment, so caring for the implanted hair in the recipient areas is necessary to expedite the recovery procedure.

The hair transplant sector, especially in India, has seen spectacular growth in recent times. More than 350,000 surgeries occur annually in this nation. The overall outcome of a hair transplant process depends significantly on the days and weeks following the surgery. 

How Much Rest Should One Take Post Hair Transplantation?

The number of days one should take an adequate amount of rest after a hair transplant varies depending on different factors. 

  • The type of hair transplant surgery one undergoes between FUT and FUE
  • The extent of the loss of hair that has to be addressed
  • The healing rate of a patient

Generally, the majority of individuals need at least 4-5 days of complete rest after hair transplantation at a trusted clinic. You might need this number of days or more before you are eligible to start doing light activities. Prioritise hair transplant after care for optimal results.

Breaking Down the Early Recovery Stages

Here is the breakdown of the early recovery phases after you undergo a hair transplant surgery.

Days 1-2

Experiencing tenderness or swelling in the scalp is normal right after the completion of the hair transplant procedure. Your hair transplant surgeon will recommend medication so as to relieve such discomfort. Keep your head elevated and refrain from performing strenuous activities. Give immense priority to rest during this recovery phase.

Days 3-4 

The swelling will begin to mitigate after a couple of days. Attend the follow-up appointment to clean your scalp and remove the dressings. Make sure you are careful about your position while you sleep at night. The transplanted region must get minimum pressure to foster healing and recovery. The hair transplant success rate increases when patients follow this tip by hair transplant specialists.

Days 5-7

You can begin deskwork or other light activities four or five days post hair transplantation. It is not advisable to resume strenuous tasks during this phase. The scabs will start to flake off by now. Use a doctor-prescribed shampoo after a post-hair transplant to keep your scalp clean. 

The success rate of the FUE transplantation method ranges from approximately 95% to 100%.

Essential Practices Post Hair Transplant for the Best Results

The initial rest period is indispensable for everyone undergoing hair transplant surgery. You need to prioritise aftercare practices for several weeks. Do so to minimise post-transplant complications and contribute to hair growth. Here’s what you must give priority to the most.

Take Care of Your Scalp

It is imperative to keep your scalp clean and free of infection. Use the doctor-recommended saline solution or shampoo to clean the implanted region of the scalp. Do not scratch or rub your scalp in a harsh manner. Try to pat the transplanted area dry rather than using a towel. It’s one of the crucial post hair transplant care practices.

Gentle Sleep Positions

Try to sleep on your back while keeping your head upward on pillows to relieve swelling. Do this at least for a couple of weeks after hair transplant treatment. The prime objective behind this is to prevent implanted hair follicles on the recipient area from dislodging. It might be uncomfortable for you initially. However, over time, you will not experience many problems.

Balanced Diet is a Must

Sticking to a wholesome diet and staying hydrated can significantly foster overall well-being. Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Avoid junk food and add nutrient-rich food to your regular diet. You need sufficient vitamins, protein, and minerals to improve hair health and growth. It’s a crucial hair transplant after care practice.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

In the initial few weeks, you need to do no exercise. The only thing you can do is walk without stepping outside your home. Gradually begin your daily workout regime with extremely light activities. Refrain from lifting weights or any tasks that will make you sweat excessively or exert pressure on the transplanted area of the scalp.

Take Prescribed Medications

Only take doctor-prescribed medications to relieve existing health issues. Antibiotics can safeguard your scalp against infection, and pain relievers help you manage post-surgery discomfort. The appropriate medicines help promote post-transplant healing and recovery. You must not use harsh hair care products or do any hairstyles that strain your scalp.

Avoid Drinking and Smoking

You might have to face unwanted consequences if you continue drinking and smoking after hair transplantation. It is a must to refrain from these activities during the recovery phase; otherwise, new hair won’t grow properly. 

Stress Management is Necessary

You will experience different sorts of stress on a daily basis. If you keep tension and remain anxious during the phase of recovery, you will hinder new hair growth. So, practise deep breathing or meditation to improve your well-being and hair transplant success rate. 

Undergo hair transplant surgery at MedLinks, a hair transplant clinic in Delhi renowned for having a team of hair transplant specialists. Consult one of them to learn about post-transplant hair care guidelines in detail. Hair transplant experts at this clinic will go to any extent to help patients get the coveted results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Days Minimum Should One Take Rest Post Hair Transplant?

One must rest for at least a week before resuming everyday activities.

Am I Allowed To Touch The Hair Grafts After A Week?

It is advisable to avoid touching hair grafts for at least a couple of weeks after hair transplant surgery.

When can I begin Walking after Hair Transplantation?

You can begin light activities like walking after resting for a week post-transplantation.

Will Hair In The Donor Area Grow Back?

Usually, it depends on a patient's overall health condition and several other factors, but hair extracted from a donor never grows back.

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