5 Stats to Know About Hair Loss

19 April, 2018 | Hair Loss
We’re all possessive about our hair – isn’t it? That being said, hair loss can be a dreadful experience for both men and women that can lead to anxiety, stress and loss in confidence. While many people give different reasons for their hair loss problem, it is one condition which is often surrounded by myths, half-facts, and sometimes even interesting stats.

Here is the list of a few hair loss stats everyone should know about:

90% of men say Hair Loss is their topmost concern

Not surprising at all! Hair loss is a serious concern which can damage a person’s self-esteem. When 90% men say that male pattern baldness is their biggest concern, hair loss has to be a major problem. For this reason, many men are undergoing hair transplantation to get rid of their baldness.

47% men are surrounded by myths regarding genetics’ role in Hair Loss

Scientifically, hair loss can be inherited from both maternal as well as paternal side. However, many men are still under the impression that their hair loss problem is only due to one side of their family.

Almost 50% women experience Hair Loss

It isn’t only men who suffer from hair loss, around 50% of women also experience the condition. Most women are found to face hair thinning problem, however, many also suffer from alopecia.

6 out of 10 men can’t identify a Hair Transplant

The advancement in technology has introduced techniques such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and FUT which make it difficult to identify a hair transplant. This statistic is a result of a research carried out by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in 2009 wherein three-fifth of the total number of people couldn’t spot who had a hair transplant.

50% Hair disappear before the condition becomes noticeable

Not many people are aware of this fact! Opting for a hair loss treatment sooner rather than later is always advisable since 50% hair are already gone by the time the condition becomes visible. As scary as it may sound, the fact is that you might be suffering from hair loss problem even though you feel your hair is fine and intact.

With the reducing hair transplant cost in today’s date, hair transplant in India is one of the popular hair loss treatments which is being effectively utilized by both men and women. Hair grafting in Delhi and other parts of the country is done using advanced and painless techniques which provide satisfactory results.


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