Rare and Unprecedented Aggravations the May be Leading to Hair Loss in Women

26 June, 2014 | Hair Loss
Losing precious strands of your hair can be a very daunting and demoralizing experience to go through. For women, hair loss and hair thinning works in a very different way than men. There are many reasons that this phenomenon might be progressing, from pollution and lifestyle to the more uncommon problems.

Here is a list that is aimed at helping you identify some of the stressors that might be causing you hair loss without you even knowing it such as-

Heartbreaks and Emotional Stress

When you put your body through stress, whether emotional or physical, it may often show its inability to cope with it by shedding hair. Emotional stressors such as a break up, divorce or the death of a loved one can not only be a heart breaking experience but can also cause thinning hair and such symptoms in your body.

As you learn to cope with the stress, it is most likely that you hair will eventually grow in like before. However, make sure you take part in physical activities and keep yourself busy as it promotes the growth of hair.

Lack of Protein in Your Diet

If the daily nutritional diet you consume lacks protein, your body will start shedding hair to conserve the depleting reserves. Hair loss due to this can be tough to identify as it takes 2-3 months to show its effects.

It is essential that you maintain a proper balance and consume the right amount of protein. For an adult, at least two to three portions is necessary for a day. Reverse this condition by incorporating different kinds of proteins in your diet such as fish and meat or even tofu and nuts.


If your blood is in shortage of iron, you may be facing grave hair loss. However, taking unguided supplements or iron is not the solution to this problem. It is actually the lack of Ferritin, a protein that is essential for storing iron in our blood that causes hair loss.

The best way to repair hair loss due to anaemia is by treating the root of the problem itself. Please refer to your doctor or a specialist before taking any steps.

Dramatic weight loss

An unguided and extreme diet program may lead to a lot more than just those extra kilos from shedding. When your body goes through a sudden change, it can throw its system into chaos, and may in confusion lead to shedding your luscious hair.

If you wish to lose weight, make sure you do it the right way. Control your diet by maintaining a balance in your nutrition and exercising regularly to avoid any unwarranted losses.

Antidepressants and blood thinners

Your medication may be helping you with a disease or condition but may also be causing bald patches and hair loss on your head. There are many common medicines that lead to hair loss. The use of blood thinners that are from the beta- blockers variety may also be causing this phenomenon. Please refer to your doctor, who may reduce the dosage, change the medicine or even give you another one to deal with hair loss.

Finally, another uncommon factor may be Trichotillomania that is a disease that causes one to pull out her own hair and at times eating it. Excessively touching your hair and constantly tugging at it may be a symptom of this disease. Many people face this syndrome without even realising they have it.

An impaired social function, stress and depression are common factors that cause this. This disease is very serious and must be treated using psychotherapy and medication.

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