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There are rare instances of any psychic connotations due to the chronic illness of hair loss. The hair loss pattern implies two different aspects in men and women. On the one hand, where long, thick, lush hair signifies beauty in women unlike in men. On the other hand, hair loss in females is considered a matter of concern, and psychological distress. Hair loss in females is not accepted socially. Unluckily, hundreds of women out there have failed to acknowledge hair loss; by the time they do, it gets too late.

Even though females are less prone to hair loss diseases as much as males, the chances of being affected by phalacrosis, the loss of hair on the top of the head, increases with age. It is seen that women usually hesitate to accept and get treated for their hair loss problem. Instead, they find alternatives to it because of fear of embarrassment or fear of treatment results. Most females aren't aware of the bad influence and damage to hair due to the products and bleaching. It would be more beneficial to look for effective treatment from expert hair specialists in India. The truth is that straightforward hair loss treatments for females will facilitate improved quality of life and overcome feelings of timidness and inferiority.

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  1. Hair fall in women can be because of many reasons, such as
  2. Hair fall condition symptoms
  3. Brief about alopecia in women
  4. Advantages of Hair transplantation in women
  5. Female Hair transplantation processes
  6. Hair transplant procedures in India involve some primary steps
  7. Female Hair Transplant Cost
  8. Takeaway

Hair fall treatment procedures for both women and men are one of the antiquated well known medical practices. The most remarkable developments in medical therapies are hair transplant procedures and hair cosmetics procedures. All of these have turned hair treatments beneficial and a great success. The hair loss pattern in females is entirely different from that of males. Unlike males, females show a diffuse pattern of hair loss and not baldness.

1. Hair fall in women can be because of many reasons, such as:

There are manycausesbehind the hair loss crisis in females. Among all congenital or hereditary factors is the major one, and androgenic alopecia is the genetic hair loss situation.

In this situation, the hair begins to thin from the hair portion and usually looks like hair loss in a Christmas tree contour from the top.

Hair thinning can furthermore be because of

  1. Medications
  2. Hormonal upheavals such as thyroid diseases or menstrual problems.
  3. Pregnancy
  5. Chemotherapy
  6. Iron deficiency
  7. Stress
  8. Weight loss

There can be numerous reasons for hair fall. Assessing hair fall therapy as soon as possible is sensible because it is risky to restore the hair follicles to vitality with time.

2. Hair fall condition symptoms:

An individual should pay extra attention to the foremost evidence of hair falls, such as:

  • Diffuse thinning
  • Subsiding hairline
  • Loss of sideburns
  • Extremely thin eyebrows
  • holding up from prior plastic surgeries on the scalp.

At Medlinks, we furnish detailed diagnostic workups to formulate an individualized treatment strategy that comprises surgical and medical therapies to deal with hair fall in women. When the other medications do not help, the hair transplant is indicated by promising hair doctors in Mumbai.

3. Brief about alopecia in women

Several fractions of the scalp retain a progressive stage of alopecia in some parts of the scalp because of burns, surgery, accident, or injury. The expanded stage of female pattern baldness is not manageable by traditional medicine usage. Traction alopecia, scarring alopecia that has been balanced after twelve months of hair loss in eyebrows and eyelashes. Women with alopecia in marginalized donor areas are healthy and not affected by androgenetic alopecia.

4. Advantages of Hair transplantation in women

Female hair transplant in india is an extremely rewarding method and lends more than 60-80% recovery of the ‘before’ hairdo.

Advantages of hair transplant in women :

  • A hair transplant is a permanent solution to extensive hair loss.
  • Hair transplant enhances appearance.
  • Low maintenance.
  • It gives a natural look
  • It is very much more cost-effective than any other solution for hair loss.

Women can grow lengthy hair and model it any way they want. Women to withstand the discomfort provoked because of hair fall. Transplanted hair grows as desired and the patient will be competent to do all the normal activities like arduous training, dancing, swimming, and even colouring and perming the regrown hair.

5. Female Hair transplantation processes

Hair transplantation procedures do not distinguish between men and women. Two popular techniques are used, i.e., FUT and FUE. The type of method is assigned based on the kind of hair loss that the woman is affected by.

Nevertheless, the choice of a skilled and excellent hair transplant surgeon in India for a female hair transplant is extremely crucial because, unlike men, there is no stable donor region in women. However, hair loss occurs scattered manner. So, female hair transplant techniques are further a more complicated and need tremendous accuracy on the surgeon’s part because women can only restore a limited amount of hair, unlike men acquiring a donor area nonetheless the degree of hair loss.

Hence, you require a hair regrowth treatment professional who has precisely accomplished female hair transplant surgeries in India and fulfilled profitable outcomes. You can directly ask the doctor to have a look at your before and after pictures at the clinic to detect what results in you can anticipate.

A thorough preoperative examination of the donor, and recipient site examination will aid the surgeon's strategy for the female hair transplant operation. The initial key step that the surgeon will seize is

Survey the donor station for the usefulness of transplantation: The follicular unit consistency, the diameter of the hair shaft, and the color, composition, and wave of the hair. The surgeon will moreover scan for the follicular unit viscosity. The last regulation for a valuable hair transplant is a standard of 2 to 3 hairs per follicular unit. Scan the recipient site and imprint the balding regions. The Color of the scalp and hair plays a significant part in the fallout of the surgery. FUT or FUE hair transplantation procedures

6. Hair transplant procedures in India involve some primary steps

The hair follicles or grafts are taken out from the back or the sides of the scalp. The hair transplantation procedure at Medlinks comprises minimally invasive procedures to implant the hair graft into the recipient site. Hair transplant surgery in india is a delicate procedure that needs to be followed to ensure that transplanted hair grafts are implanted at the right angle and direction of growth without damaging the existing hair and its follicles. The patient must follow the post-operative advice for better results.

At Medlinks, the females receiving hair transplant treatment are not asked to shave their heads or trim them. Because Medlinks use advanced methods of hair transplantation like FUE and PROJECT-i to ensure the treatment is safer and faster and leads to desired outcomes. For better results from the hair transplant treatment, doctors usually advise the patient to take a healthy diet, and regular exercise to maintain a good blood flow for the new hair follicles until they attain their full growth at about 8-12 months.

7. Female Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of any surgery widely depends on the locality, surgeons, facility, and treatment. The cost of female hair transplant in Mumbai, Delhi, or other cities also depends on the number of hair grafts the recipient needs. The costs of hair transplants are calculated on a per-graft basis.

8. Takeaway

Medlinks share thousands of successful hair transplant surgeries, comprising both international and national patients, along with some celebrities. The surgeons of Medlinks and their team have maintained quality treatment since the beginning. We promise our patients to look after and deliver excellent hair transplant treatment. MEDLINKS comprises affordable treatments with effective results. Medlinks aims to maintain constant eminence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a woman get a hair transplant?

Hair transplants are ideal for both men and women. However, the basic needs of a hair transplant include

  • Presence of enough healthy hair on the scalp
  • The ability of the hair to regrow in the balding or hair thinning zones.

2. Are hair transplants successful in females?

Women who have had intense hair loss due to traction alopecia- a non-hormonal type of hair loss, or do not have auto-immune hair loss condition, can benefit from hair transplants.

3. How long does a female hair transplant last?

Women having hair loss problems can have long-lasting or permanent hair restoration solutions with hair transplants.

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